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The Rogan Art, an ancient textile art, with its origins in Persia, came to Nirona Village Kutch Gujarat around 400 years ago. Traditionally, the craft Rogan Art defies this logic: the rod “pre-manipulates”; the strand of color in the air to create intended motifs before it hits the fabric; the fingers under the fabric help shape the final form into the fabric. In this sense, there is a dialogue between the two hands. Rogan art is produced by boiling castor oil for about two days and then adding Pigments Mineral Color and a binding agent; the resulting paint is thick and shiny.

The cloth that is painted or printed on is usually a dark color, which makes the intense colors stand out. In rogan painting, elaborate designs are produced “free hand”, by trailing thread-like strands of paint off of a stick. Majority of the time, half of a design is painted, then the cloth is folded in half, transferring a mirror image to the other half of the fabric. Yellow, White and red and Blue, green are the most frequently used colors. In ancient times Persian alphabets were used as calligraphic motifs. Traditionally in floral and geometrical motifs are used in rogan art. Rogan art is very well known for its “Tree of life” and happiness concept wok. These motifs evoke a once-sublime culture and its understanding of beauty. It is only when one witnesses the time, agility, and the utmost control required to draw a simple flower, that one begins to understand the virtuosity behind these highly intricate pieces such as the tree of life. “No drawings, no planning. It comes from the heart, to head, to hands.”

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 24 × 17 in

Rogan Art




Cool Iron if Needed, Do not Rub Textures, Dry Clean Only, Keep away from direct Sunlight


There will be some irregularities as it is totally Handcrafted which will add natural beauty to the Product..Colors may fade or bleed due to the traditional dyeing and printing process.

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