“Culture makes people understand each other better and if they understand each other better in their soul, it is easier to overcome economic and potential barriers”

Our idea is to come up with KutchCulture to give a global platform to Kutch and its art, where the idiosyncratic articles from the core of kutch will deliver at any corner of the world. Our vision is to promote and valued the true art skill of Artisans worldwide.

We have all varieties from traditional Bandhni, Ajarak, Batik to Iron copper bells. Wide range of Mud mirror work to Wood carved posts, Cradles and what not. The authentic Kharad weaving with the ancient history of 100 years which designs shawls, curtains and many more. KutchCulture is offering traditional and contemporary clothing in terms of saris, chaniyacholis, kurtis, stoles, duppatas, shawl, bed sheet, footwear, iron bells, purses, sling bags which will give true elegance, innovation, simplicity and sophistication. All the indigenous kutchi products which brings the smell of Kutch and its Culture to your place.

Behind the scenes​


Jaya Ganatra


Chintal Thacker

Expert Advisor

Mahendra Thacker

Legal Advisor

Anil Ganatra

Finance Advisor

Bhadra Ganatra

Purchase Manager

Rohin Shah

Fashion Photographer

Rushi Dave


Ankur Kansagara

Graphic Designer

Harsh Malakiya

Video Editor and Producer

Vivek Bhaliya

Marketing Advisor

Payal Gadhvi

Creative Advisor

Rajan Aghera

Technical Advisor

Avani Gajaria

Content Writer

Daniel Tanque

Analogous Advisor