Lacquer work is beautiful Art work. Artists make beautiful wooden spoons, candle stands, bangle holders, hair stick, roti maker etc using a hand operated lathe. All the materials are organic and locally sourced. The water-resistant resin is collected from the bark of a local tree, mixed with colors sourced from other natural sources and made into bars of colored lacquer used in this process.

Step 1

First the shape of product is locally crafted in its shape. It is then carefully fitted in between the two ends of the lathe and the bar of color is added to it while it rotates. The rotation of the lathe is orchestrated by the back and forth movement of the bamboo stick tied with a piece of thread. The surface of the wood product is roughed up to enable the resin to stick easily to the sides.

Step 2

Next the resin is gradually applied on the surface with one hand, while keeping the rotation constant of the other hand.

Step 3

Then vertical lines are added on the colored surface using rods covered with the resin.

Step 4

Every line is added with precision by hand.

Step 5

Next the surface is wiped with a small cloth dipped in oil. The movement is kept constant.

Step 6

This highly precise process creates rippled on the surface and the colours are altered in a constant motion.

Step 7